If players in a head-to-head matchup score the same number of points, the winner will be determined by the player on the team that wins the game. For example:

  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat) vs Lebron James (Los Angeles Lakers)
    • Both players score 28 points
    • Lakers win the game
      • Therefore, Lebron James would win the head to head matchup

The weekly tiebreaker will be determined by correctly predicting the number of points scored individually by players in the last (5th) matchup that week. In the 5th matchup, users will be asked to predict how many points each player will score that game.

  • You will win the tiebreaker if you correctly predicted (or your prediction was closest to) the number of points the player scored who won the matchup.

If a second tiebreaker is required:

  • If required, you will win the second tiebreaker if your prediction was accurate or was closest to the number of points the player scored, who lost the 5th matchup that week.

If there is still a tie, the ranking will be determined by a random draw. See full Contest Rules for more information.

If a player in a matchup does not play in the designated game (e.g. injury, load management, trades, etc.) they will be automatically swapped out for another player on the same team.

The new player selected will have the next-highest PPG (points per game average) on the team, however the substitution is at the sole discretion of the NBA.

See full Contest Rules for more information.

If the game is rescheduled in the same week, the matchup will continue as selected.

If the game is rescheduled for another week in the future, that matchup will be cancelled.

If the cancelled game is the 5th matchup (also used as tiebreaker), then tiebreaking rankings will be determined by random draw for that week.

Please see full Contest Rules for more information.

Head to Head matchups will be available for picks every Tuesday at 10am EST. Users can make their picks for any matchup at anytime during that week prior to that game start time. Once that game has started, the matchup is no longer available for users to make picks.

There are 10 weekly prize winners and 10 season long winners - in total there will be over 150 prizes awarded! Please see full Contest Rules for more information and the full prize list.

If you need help or have questions, please review the full Contest Rules. If you still need assistance, please contact us at support@nbaheadtohead.com.

NBA Head to Head is only open to legal permanent residents of Canada who are at least 18 years of age. Please review the full Contest Rules for eligibility information.